Thank you for choosing Absolute Construction to be the team involved in completing your kitchen and/or bath project. This is a very exciting time for you as a customer. Also, this project can present obstacles and routine changes that may not be expected. We are going to give you some tips that will help make this process go smoother for you and your family.

1. Please review all of your paperwork and forms that have been presented to you by your designer

These forms might be confusing after you have closed the sale, but they do offer key information in preparing yourself and your home for your remodel


2. Permits will be pulled if your municipality requires it

The permit review process can take 3-4 weeks in some cases, so the application is done promptly after notification of your purchase. Please note: if pulling your own permit, you must be in full compliance with your town’s rules and codes in order for us to schedule your install. Property in multi-unit buildings also require management approval. Please be aware of the by-laws and notify your office upon purchase.


3. Please contact Absolute Construction prior to scheduling your cabinet delivery date

Contact Absolute Construction by calling 219-864-5900 or email at Coordinating your delivery date along with setting the date of installation will assist with a smoother transition. A contact person must be onsite or available to be reached during the entire installation time frame. Unforeseen circumstances do arise and require approval. Unavailability may result in delays that can alter the set schedule.


4. If you have incorporated a flooring installation with the Home Depot as the installer, you will have to make sure that the flooring (ceramic, stone, hardwood, or vinyl) is being installed prior to Absolute Construction installing your kitchen or bath

If Absolute Construction is your installer for your new floor, we will also set up the dates for that installation. Laminate flooring is a category of flooring that must be installed after your cabinetry.


5. Please remove all the contents from your old cabinetry 2 to 3 days prior to the scheduled installation of your cabinets

Please remember to have a 2-5 day supply of dishes and cookware available in another location for you to use during this install. Packing and labeling your kitchen contents will ensure an easy transition from your old kitchen, to your newly remodeled kitchen. We highly recommend that you properly label and organize your kitchen contents. In nearby rooms, move furniture and other items from walls adjacent to the kitchen, and take down mirrors and wall hangings to protect them from damage if walls vibrate during construction. Also, if there is air return in your kitchen, consider leaving the central heating or air conditioning off while the installation team is doing demolition or sanding to help contain construction dust.


6. Pets & children need to be clear of the installation site once work has begun

Sawdust and air-born dust are byproducts of the demolition and installation process. Adding new air filters to your furnace and covering collectibles/ antiques is strongly recommended. We will do our best to keep down the dust but there will be a noticeable build up during the process. Keep in mind that our installers will clean up the install site on a daily basis but the area will not be functional until we complete the installation. Please make arrangements to have a small area offsite with a cooler or a small refrigerator to help make the transition easier.


7. You the customer must provide (purchase/have) the following items necessary for installation:

  • Cabinets
  • Hardware
  • Countertops (material chosen and picked out)
  • Sinks
  • Faucets
  • Garbage disposer and chord
  • Basket strainer for sink
  • Appliances (with specifications)
  • Under cabinet lighting
  • Light fixtures/fans
  • Flooring/back splash materials


8. Lead Renovation Practices

As of April 22nd 2010, all installers are required to be certified as licensed lead renovators. Lead is a byproduct of installations on a home build prior to 1978. It becomes an air born dust that can be inhaled or ingested. It has dramatic health effects on any children under the age of six, pregnant mothers, pets, and certain health groups. We must protect and minimize dust and debris emissions in the best possible way. We will need to protect all areas that will be renovated. A HEPA vacuum will be used to contain all left over dust after clean up. There is an additional charge for these services as this process is time consuming and attention to detail is prominent. Please feel free to ask our installers about this process. For more information, please refer to


9. Please work with our installers to properly submit the provided documents and forms

A pre-installation check list will be presented to you by our installer for you to review and sign.


10. Any products or appliances not being installed by Absolute Construction must be outside the installation area

Any products or appliances not being installed by Absolute Construction must be outside the installation area to avoid any damages or dust build up.


11. Any unforseen or hidden issues that arise on site need to be addressed immediately so as to not delay your your project

These are referred to as “Job site quotes: and will require additional fees. Do not pay our installers directly for any product or services unless our Main Office has authorized to do so. Please provide a daytime contact number. In almost all cases, the final estimate you receive will accurately reflect the condition of the installation site, and it will not be necessary to adjust the cost or schedule. Occasionally, we discover conditions (water, termite damage, electrical or plumbing problems) during installation that must be addressed before we can complete installation. These conditions may require additional labor and materials. In most cases, as your Authorized Installation team, we will be able to complete the necessary work. Any additional charges, if applicable, will be added to your installation cost and the schedule will be adjusted accordingly. If your Authorized Installation team cannot supply the necessary labor, you may need to hire another contractor to perform that portion of the work before we can complete your installation.


12.Please review the completed installation with your installer

Please understand that any cabinets that were delivered damaged, or with damaged doors is not the fault of the installer. We do understand the hassle this presents and will work with you to make sure it is corrected. We will be back to finish any sink or appliance installation included on your work order, after your countertop is installed. A customer installation approval form is required to be signed by the customer at the end of any stage of installation. If we are awaiting any parts, these will most likely be installed when we return to finish your sink or appliance installation. Please feel free to contact Absolute Construction with any questions that may arise. Rest assured that we have your best interests in mind and we pride ourselves with making your dreams a reality.


13. Your satisfaction is our #1 goal!

Upon project completion, we will call you to perform a survey rating the installation team on the work completed in your home. Our goal is to make sure you are extremely satisfied.